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Blue Crystal Carbon Spinning Fishing Rod

Blue Crystal Carbon Spinning Fishing Rod
Blue Crystal Carbon Spinning Fishing Rod - Image 1Blue Crystal Carbon Spinning Fishing Rod - Image 2
  • Listed: December 7, 2012 11:31 am



Fishing Method: Spinning
Blank Material: Carbon
Color: Dark Blue
Action: Medium Heavy (MH)
Carbon Percentage (%): 98
Full Length (cm): 210,240,270
Closed Length (cm): 105,120,135
Section (pieces): 2
Top Diameter (mm): 1.9mm
Button Diameter (mm): 11.5mm,13mm,14.5mm
Lure Weight (g): 7-25g
Line Weight (LB): 10-16LB
Rod Weight (kg): 0.17
Net Weight (kg): 0.17





  • Q: Can you explain what a rod’s ‘action’ means? 
    A:Action refers to the way a rod flexes under a load and the manner in which it returns to equilibrium when the load is removed. Action is influenced by rod material, taper, and length.  There are three general categories of rod action:

    Fast Action: This style of rod will bend very little, in fact; only the tip section will actually bend at all. A rod of this type is ideal when targeting larger gamefish, or when fishing in extremely heavy cover or weeds, where it is important to get the fish’s head up and away fast. A fast action rod will allow you to set the hook hard and powerfully. (Musky or pike fishing and largemouth bass are suited to this style of rod for most applications.)

    Medium Action: A medium action rod is the most common choice for a variety of applications. These rods will bend for about half of their length, allowing an angler to fish both for small and large species with good control and hook setting allowances. These rods are the most versatile in the family, and will allow a fisherman to fish in a wide range of conditions and for a varied list of species.

    Slow Action: A slow action rod will bend throughout nearly the whole length of the rod, providing the most flexible action available. These rods are used almost exclusively for panfish, allowing a better fight for the angler, and a shock absorber so that the hook is not ripped clear through the mouth on hooksets.


  • Q: What does a fishing rod’s ‘power rating’ mean?
    A: A rod’s power rating is determined by the lure weights and line weights that the rod is designed to handle. Rods can handle progressively heavier lures and line as their power increases from light to heavy. Though a rod’s power rating is not a standardized rating, generally power ratings can be broken down into the following lure/ling weight ranges:

    Ultra-light Rods: Designed for 1 to 4 lb. lines and 1/64-ounce to 1/16-ounce lures.

    Light Rods: Designed for 4 to 8 lb. lines and 1/32-ounce to 1/8-ounce lures.

    Medium Rods: Designed for 4 to 12 lb. lines and 1/8 to 3/8-ounce lures.

    Medium-Heavy Rods: Designed for 8 to 14 lb. lines and 1/2 to 1 1/2-ounce lures.

    Heavy Rods: Designed for 15 to 25 lb. lines and 1/2 to 1½-ounce lures.


  • Q:Which rod length and action would you recommend for fishing with plug lures? 
    A:  Plug lures, also called crankbaits, wobblers, or minnows, are a popular type of hard-bodied fishing lure. When fishing with plug lures, an 8-10 foot rod and a moderate action is generally recommended. The longer the rod you have, the longer the cast you can make, and in turn, the deeper your plugs will dive.



  • Q: I am new to the sport of angling. Can you recommend to me a versatile rod that I can use to get out and fish with? 
    A:  Angling is a very technical sport. Learning about senkos, tubes, cranks, top water, spinning, drop shot, and the other more technical aspects of angling is a long-term process. For those who just want to get out and fish, please consider our carbon fiber 7’ Brave Fishing Casting Rod 7′. The fast action on this rod will allow you to handle most situations, and use a variety of baits.



  • Q: Which power and speed rating is best for topwater fishing? 
    A:  Though the power and speed of a fishing rod is most dependent on the type of fish you are going after, we generally recommend a medium speed/medium power rod for topwater angling. A rod with medium action will give you enough control to work the lure, without being too stiff. You can throw large top water lures and will have a lot of backbone for hooksets.
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