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Listings for Construction Hardware (11)

Construction Hardware


Jdw glass

Jdw glass is based in cape town and specializes in frameless glass balustrading, sliding doors, shower doors & glass door stacking.

Eager-a40 dust blower

Product application eager-a40 backpack dust blower adopts high-pressure gas to clean-up debris inside the cracks, improve bonding effect in between pouring materials and crack sidewalls, extend the construction warr...


Eager-a20 pavement router

Product application eager-a20 mainly applied to asphalt and cement concrete pavement crack grooving tasks. six special blades can create sealant crack reservoirs effectively. routed cracks enhance sealant adhesion ef...


Eager-a25 hot compressed air lance

Product description the main function of eager-a25 hot compressed air lance is to remove damp from the cracks, improving sealants bonding effect to the crack sidewalls and increasing the durability of construction t...


Eager-a10 cement pavement crack cleaner

Product description    the function of eager-a10 cement pavement crack cleaner is to clean the aging material and sundries out of the crack in cement concrete road surface, airfield and municipal road. the unit uses dry...


Eager-a45 hand-push crack sealing machine

Product overview eager-a45 hand-push crack sealing powered by generator sets, using liquefied petroleum gas heating material, unique temperature control system avoid the material aging problem. built-in 360° shaft sti...


Eager series vehicle-mounted crack sealing machine

   all eager series crack sealing machines can be adjusted to vehicle-mounted type with complete functions, fast transition, high automation and high efficient construction.     product application treatment for irr...


Eager-a200 pavement crack sealing machine

Product description    eager-a200 consist of crack sealing machine、illuminating facilities and caution light which are all mounted on the same self-propelled chassis, can make forward and backward moving; adopted well-k...


Eager-a400 pavement crack sealing machine

Product description this machine consist of crack sealing machine,pavement router,illuminating facilities and caution light which are all mounted on the same self propelled chassis. adopted well known brand gasoline...


Eager-a600 pavement crack sealing machine

Product description    eager-a600 crack sealing machine and pavement router are equipped on the same self-propelled chassis, with the characteristics of high efficient, low costs, strong flexibility etc.; adopts steerin...


Eager-a1200 pavement crack sealing machine

Product description      eager-a1200 crack sealing machine it integrates the necessary functions all-in-one, self-propelled and trailer dual use type. a large melting kettle design can satisfy a whole construction day b...